Welcome to Therapy

The entertainment industry is fraught with land mines.

You make one wrong step and it feels like you could just lose everything. To make matters worse, there’s not a lot of moderation or grey area; you’re on top of the world one minute, and the next you’re free falling to your destruction.

You’re surrounded by praise, loud music, sensory overload, constant push notifications, and then suddenly…you’re not. And the silence is deafening.

Navigating this rollercoaster and finding the middle ground would keep you from crashing, but you just can’t seem to do it on your own.

No one warned you about this part of the industry, and the comparisons you make between yourself and everyone else have you fully convinced that its you.

Hi, I’m Elise, and I help people in the entertainment industry find their footing so that they can continue doing what they love without letting it destroy them in the process.

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